Monday, January 7, 2008

Rising atrocities against women in India

Of late, it’s an appalling thing to read in the newspapers about the rising atrocities against women in India. First there was the new year’s molestation issue in Mumbai, then a Swedish tourist got molested in Cochin and then a girl got molested in Calcutta and now very recently two girls from the north east got molested in Delhi. These are just the reported incidents and statistically it has been proven that nearly 80% of all molestation/rape cases don’t get reported. The societal taboo that women face, makes it hard for them to come up and complain against such atrocities because their identity is at stake.Such is the state in our country. No amount of advancement, GDP growth, stock market booms will teach us the lesson of having a basic dignity and respect for women. A country, where the female gender was literally worshipped, placed on a high altar, given strategic importance as a bearer of the next generation today faces a situation which is exactly the opposite. Women are mostly looked upon as objects of sex and given any chance, a million men will pounce on an ‘available’ girl to get a taste of her flesh. The reasons for such behavior in men could be several and there aren’t any easy solutions to prevent or combat such an activity. Historically even capital punishment has not deterred people from committing crimes, so no amount of punishment will deter men from molesting or raping women and the question of punishment arises only when a woman comes forward and complains, which as mentioned earlier will not happen in most cases.We hear a lot about our culture, tradition and even to this day we claim ourselves to be a culturally strong nation. Isn’t that blasphemous ? Various schemes were launched by the government to make people aware of the importance of the female gender and the societal harmony that can be solely attributed to women - but no such scheme got to the grass root level of educating people on the basic respect and love one should show towards women. It can just be hoped that men in India will learn to respect and love women and make them feel welcome in every aspect of this male dominated society.

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