Sunday, January 13, 2008


The 'Kaanal neer' hero, J K Ritheesh is back in the news. He is acting in the movie 'Naayagan'. Some unconfirmed reports suggest that he has voiced his protest against the ban of Jalli kattu. This is the traditional game which has been in India since 16th century. A bull is made to run at a bewildering speed and the youngsters around will try and control the bull. Usually, most of the people will get injured and only a few will manage to halt its run. Supreme court has banned this sport saying that bull is being tortured too much in this game. Protests have been coming from all angles and the farmers and others have planned to observe 'Black Pongal' in view of this ban.

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Narayanan said...

i love dat hero..keep postin abt him..if u cud add a pic of him t ll do wonders to ur blog as well as satisfyin my thirst 2 c my idol on web