Thursday, January 31, 2008


Contradictions : In life so far, I have got along well with people, whose views mostly match with mine. Be it friendship, love, work, studies or whatever. I always stayed away from people who had contradictory views because I am not good at arguing and debating. I always thought it was the best way to lead ones life and even till date I continue in the same manner. Today I had a discussion with one of my friends which prompted me to revisit the thought.
My friend's perspective : If u get to converse with a person with a conflicting view, u get to understand the subject from the other person's perspective. Bingo ! I never thought about that ... in an argument I would always try to prove my point and never understand the other person's perspective. Its a different learning experience though, but I guess u need some understanding with the other person. Stjll thinking about it..

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