Thursday, January 17, 2008


In the past, I have been interested in labeling my own created CD and DVD disks. My method of achieving this was to simply buy a label stamp kit and obviously some sticky labels and off I went. Unfortunately this method is full of problems as the labels have a nasty habit of peeling off over time. This means like many people, you find yourself using those rather nasty CD/DVD pens, which has no flare at all especially if you are like me after many years of typing, your hand writing now resembles a scruffy mess.

Recently I invested in an internal DVD/CD writer and LightScribe drive. LightScribe provides an extremely simple way of creating labels without any sticky paper rubbish or alignment issues.

So how does it work? Well the LightScribe compatible DVD/CD writer I purchased was under £20 and external USB versions are available as well for a little more. With one of these drives fitted, you then have to buy compatible LightScribe disks as without any, you can’t create your labels (however you can still use your standard CD and DVD disks if labeling isn’t required!).

LightScribe Inner CD/DVDYou will notice the LightScribe disk has
an extra feature your standard writable disks don’t have. A series of black marks that vary around the inner section that basically informs your new DVD/CD writer where your disk is positioned. This is useful if you want to go back and add a little extra to an already created disk (as long as you are not overwriting a previous section!).

LightScribe Template LabelerSo now imagine you have created your own data CD and you desire that extra special label. Flip over the LightScribe disk and run the free software that is available on the official LightScribe website. There are two versions you can use. The first is called ‘LightScribe Template Labeler’, which provides a set of templates and the option to download additional ones. With this you can with ease create the most impressive label design using your own photos, text and their templates.

LightScribe Simple LabelerThe second optional program is called ‘LightScribe Simple Labeler’, which just as it suggests allows you to create your most basic design with no fancy la de daa moments. Just a matter of filling in a few text fields and selecting an inner graphic row of images. Purely your no fuss, don’t have the time to be messing about application.

Using the same laser that burned the data onto your disk media, will now etch your monochrome creation on the reverse side (yes it is not full colour, but still the results are extremely pleasing). On my drive this can take between 15 and 23 minutes depending on how defined you want your label to be. You can also purchase a variety of coloured disks if you fancy to go that extra mile.

It is so simple, so creative and full of fun that you can’t resist dabbling with the templates available, allowing your burned CD and DVD disks to finally look like they have been cradled in your arms before being passed onto to your chums. Whether you want to create something professional or you want to dazzle your family and friends, you would be hard pressed to find a better solution than this for the price and also know that the label won’t peel off!


Jan1111 said...

Don't you get frustrated at how long the LightScribe takes to make disc labels? My LightScribe took over half an hour to label a disc. The monochrome color scheme was neat for certain labels but I wanted real color labels for most of my discs. I bought a DiscPainter label maker recently and it prints real color labels in 60 seconds. Good luck with your LS.

Dede said...

I had the epson and it was such a hassle...but i decided to try the dymo andi love easy to use and you do one cd at a time so it can't mess us...its perfect and very small...i can even travel with it.