Friday, January 18, 2008

Taking life as it comes:

All these days I was bieng 'told' or should I say 'preached' by people to 'take' life as it comes. Yesterday I met a person who was doing it. He was taking life as it has come, heartfully. He is a cook by profession and I met him in my aunt's place. This guy was so lively and bubbling with activity and so quick in his work. His involvement in his work is unexplainable. He was serving everyone, taking everyone's glasses and plates, offering coffee and drinks to everone at his/her place, I mean I was just wonderstruck. The best part is he was there only as a 'cook'. He could have just cooked delicious food and kept quiet. Thats his job but I was amazed at his involvement in serving, cleaning up, keeping the place neat and tidy as if it is his own house. At least I would never do such a kind of a job and I have not seen anyone doing it so heartfully. Even though his job does not call for him to be so good he is. He never scolds at anyone always has a smile on his face and keeps people entertained by his humour. 'Delicious' would be an understatement in describing the food he had cooked.
I just asked him how can he do such a monotonous job so happily. He gave a very modest reply that thats what he has to do to earn a living. I felt so ashamed of myself at that instant. Even I do a job for the sake of a living but not like him. I saw in him, a living example of a man who has taken life as it has come to him, heartfully. He is no less than a yogi. I hope one day I can overcome the limitations I have set upon myself ..I cant do this , I cant do that, Why should I do this, that.

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