Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Charity

Am not a big fan of Microsoft windows or Dairy Queen ice cream, but am a fan of their owners. That 'fan following' just got intensified with the announcement by both Gates and Buffet about their dedication to charity. Forbes had interviewed the world's two richest men and good friends last year, and both of them had indicated their willingness for charity. Gates and Buffet have been ruthless businessmen, tranforming small companies to billion dollar entities. However, their spiritual and philanthrophical ideologies are taking them in a course that is shunning other businessmen. A total commitment of nearly 40 billion dollars to charity by Warren Buffet alone is indeed the greatest contribution the world probably has ever seen. Charity has been plagued by corruption all these years and though millions have been invested - only a small portion of the money have been reaching the end recipients. Now there is a new 'non-corrupt' leadership at the helm which will give the much needed respite for charity.

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softwareNerd said...

I do not grudge Gates giving away his fortune. However, he is also starting to lecture to others and becoming a salesperson for altruism. And, in his recent speeches, he is becoming a spokesman against capitalism. The solutions he offers are old wine in old bottles.

As another blog put it: "... Gates' ... fundamental error, altruism. ... ... What's Gates solution? It's nothing new, just the good old mixed economy of course."