Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Advertisers and Bloggers- Time to get 'SMORTY'

hi everybody,

Advertisement and popularity is what any new firm or company would be on the look out for to get their services or products a farther reach and to develop a larger working market. Bloggers all over the world have made their blogs really popular among select groups or communities in various parts of the world and they prove to be potential sites of advertisement. So, all advertisers hunting for bloggers, and all bloggers browsing for advertisers to get work, smorty is the best place for a mutually beneficial rendezvous !

Smorty is a service that connects bloggers and advertisers. Advertisers can find and pay bloggers to write their opinions about products or services from the advertiser in the form of blog posts and to provide link backs to the advertiser sites. For bloggers, it is a very lucrative job where you get paid to blog ! The power of blog advertising is identified world wide and seen as a potential advertising avenue. When advertisers advertise on blogs, they reach out to innumerable people online every hour. For bloggers, what other news could be sweeter than this, to know that you can now blog for money , through blog advertising !

So, dont hesitate to give Smorty a shot, I'm sure you'll consider it, because you are never going to regret it, you will only keep coming back for more and more services from Smorty's.

It is simply the best I have seen.

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