Monday, January 28, 2008

truck accidents

Truck accidents have been a common sight now a days.i was unfortunate to have seen one off late. It was a hit and run situation. After the driver hit our car, he drove away from us but I was persistent and followed him. We called the police while we're still following him. After few kilometers, the driver stopped and came out from his truck and was trying to settle things. That's the time when we smelled his breath and learned that he was drunk as hell. We can smell liquor all over his breath, he could not even speak clearly. When he noticed that we're on the phone, he was so uneasy, walking back and fort his truck door. Oh my! I was so scared that he'll get a gun and shoot us. We we're in rural area and it's 7 o'clock in the evening, we don't have some weapons to at least protect ourselves. Then he decided to jump back on his truck and drive off again. We lost him, too late for us to run back to our car and follow him. Few minutes later, policemen and ambulance came to check us. Thanks that we only have some minor bruises but our car bumper was really damaged. Big time! We got his car tag though and have reported the case to the court house. We learned that the driver have a lot of drunk driving cases and he's license during that time was suspended, and he was to be caught, he's heading straight to jail. Maybe that's the reason why he drove away. Got scared to be locked up. So, good thing was, Tom and I were physically safe, bad thing was, that drunk driver do not have car insurance to help us fix our car wreck.

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