Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cheaper than hotels-UK

If you're visiting London, Manchester, Birmingham or any other major UK destination, it's worth trying to book a cheap hotel room with this new booking service.

London's Covent Garden

Like other hotel booking services, offers last minute bookings, sometimes at a deep discount, and value for money when you book in advance. In every case, a hotel booking in a major city will get you close to the sights and experiences unique to England.

If you base yourself from hotels in London, you get great access to world-leading sights such as the Tate Modern Museum, Madame Tussauds, Covent Garden (pictured above), the theatres of London's West End, St. Paul's Cathedral, The British Museum and many more options. There's a cultural outing for every taste and budget and if you like shopping, London is one of the world's best destinations. There is a great selection of restaurants and brilliant nightlife as well.

"The stimulating blend of old and new, the buzz of the city, the tranquillity of its many open spaces, and the amazingly diverse cultural scene all make London unique" says Visit Britain and I can only agree.

A vacation based in kensington hotels or oxford street hotels will give you a new appreciation of England. These old cities used to be known for heavy manufacturing but have re-invented themselves as shopping and party destinations in their own right.

Visit Britain says about Manchester: "The city is now widely recognised as the coolest in Britain. Manchester has thrown off its grimy industrial image for good and reinvented itself as a truly contemporary metropolis, with modern landmark buildings, a brilliant source of art and culture, great bars and world-class hospitality."

your itenary cannot be completed without high street kenisngton shopping

or even Knightbridge shopping for that matter .

Birmingham is maybe best known for its architectural stunner of a shopping mall 'The Bullring' but "Birmingham in the 21st century is a city alive with the buzz of major European concerts and events, with the colour and designs of boutique shops and stylish department stores and with a pulsating nightlife" according to Visit Britain.

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