Tuesday, January 22, 2008


smorty!!!!, don mistake this for any pet's name, surely it aint my pet's name. but this appears to be a boon to budding bloggers like me.
Smorty is yet another get paid to blog site that brings advertisers and bloggers together. An advertiser can sign up for Smorty and hire bloggers to write about their website and/or products and services. This is great for both bloggers and advertisers because the blogger can get paid to write a review for the advertiser and the advertiser gets more traffic to their website which could mean more sales.

This is a great opportunity for advertisers because they only have to pay for the posts that they approve. As for Bloggers writing the reviews, make sure to read the rules before writing the reviews or your posts will be declined. Of course Smorty will let you know why your post was declined and if the opportunity is still available the blogger can accept the opportunity again and re-post and resubmit as long as the post goes by Smorty's rules.

There are a lot of blog for money sites on the net today and Smorty is just another great one. So if you are an advertiser and are in need of more traffic then try Smorty out and see if it fits your advertising needs. If you're a blogger and would like to earn more money blogging then sign up for free and start getting paid to blog.

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