Tuesday, January 29, 2008

India's resilence to terrorism

The recent 'calm' after the delhi blasts have clearly sent a messsage to the terrorists that whatever be ther motive, communal harmony will not be disturbed. Inspite of the BJP accusing the government, backlashing, calling a bundh etc , people in the holy city are back to normalcy and are not disturbed to pay visits to almighty.
On the other hand, what has been done to bring those terrorists to the courts ? Whoever carried out the Delhi blasts were classified as belonging to a certain group 'LeT' and thats it. The same happened with IISc shootings. People are resilient, yes but not bringing the terrorists to justice shows that people dont really value their lives. Is it the fact that there are a billion people out there that we are not concerned if 20 or 30 of us were killed ? In Isreal a bomb blasts and results in 2 deaths, rockets will be fired all over gaza. Its a different matter that firing rockets has not resolved the problem but it clearly sends a message that Isreal values its citizens.
The real reason or the urge to kill innocent civilians is not understood by me. Be it political, monetary or religious, the fact that common people who are no way concerned with any of these apsects are killed hurts. If killing is the mandate of terrorists, there are a handful of politicians out there.

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