Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Aristotle who resembles Pope John Paul II

When I first heard about the name 'Lyceum', I googled the name and found out that The Lyceum is the name of the garden where Aristotle taught his students. What he taught I do not know for now, but he taught something to his students at The Lyceum. Would it puzzle you if I said I go to The Lyceum? It will. It must. This place is not a garden in the least, but it sure does have an Aristotle teaching his students. Not philosophy, not theology, but English. As someone wisely pointed out, it's easy to learn English but difficult to master it.

Why need an Aristotle to teach English? As Thomas L Friedman might point out in his next book Globalization 4.0-Save English from 4.0, someone please save English from the clutches of Globalization!

Amidst all this, I was wondering why he (the Aristotle who teaches English) called his learning centre The Lyceum. It then struck me that he wanted his students to rise to the extent of being worthy of possessing the title "Le Equale Aristotle's bes studente". (At this point, I would like to confess that I do NOT know French. Any offence to anyone who appreciates French is purely unintentional and incidental.) The French phrase roughly translates to "on par with Aristotle's best student".

Legend has it that it requires great courage to stop studying during study holidays and sit to write a blog on The Aristotle who resembles Pope John Paul II. With my spine facing the brunt of it all, I take upon the risk of petrifying my inner self by sitting like an immobile inanimate object with just my fingers swiftly surfing over the keyboard, and not paying heed to spinal cries, which are drowned by the escalating urge to write a few lines of eulogizing prose about this Aristotle.

Why would he resemble Pope John Paul II? The Pope was bald, and so is he. The Pope headed Christianity and so does he (within the context of all discussions that take place in my presence at The Lyceum). The Pope knew his grammar (in Latin), so does he in English. But the most compelling reason is the striking similarity in their facial features that makes an observant person (like me) believe that they must have been brothers in their previous births.
Have you seen the Pope smile? I see his smile 4 days a week at The Lyceum!. If you could imagine facial reconstruction, then you'd see my point.

Many astrologers have told me that I have a little more divinity and a moiety of ESP than the chaps around me.;) I know it sounds slightly wierd but I sure can ratify that since many of my dreams feature a great person walk the talk with me. That way, I've met many a luminous personality. It was last June when I met Pope John Paul II ( in my dream you moron!). That's when he told me that I'd see someone who'd resemble him. I incidentally got chided by him for having asked who would succeed him!. Eventually we've got the new Pope, but that was just incidental.So coming back to these similarities, their deportment, their charm, and their reverence match a great deal that I ain't need nothin to believe that they come from similar blood. But then, what happens to Aristotle? I mean the real Aristotle?

Many do not know about Aristotle or Pope John Paul II. The Lyceum would suffice to brush up your history and learn a great deal that'd make you a different person.

If you decide to find your way to The Lyceum, just ask a few people around your vicinity for Mr. James' classes at The Lyceum. That's how Aristotle calls himself now. Don't know what's gotten into his head, but he prefers James to Aristotle. Maybe Aristotle sounds a little antediluvian

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