Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Owning your house is definitely an advantage because you can do whatever you want as you pleased. If you need to install something like mailboxes no need to ask permission to the management because you are the boss.
Anyway, recently I was thinking that I could add some mailboxes outside my house by the entrance door. There is actually an old mailbox outhere which owned by the previous owner. I don't really like it so I guess it's ok to replace it. Besides it's mine now and I can do whatever I want with it.

I'm thinking of getting mailbox or the locking mailbox. It would look good on my wall outside. It will definitely add beauty to the entrance door. The Seattleluxe.com is based in the States but I can order it since I'm in Canada. They have huge selections of Curbside Mailboxes, Wall-Mounted Mailboxes, Copper, Brass, and Copper-and-Brass Mailboxes, Locking Mailboxes and many more.By the way commercial mailboxes are also available. I think their products are very affordable and guarantee for low price. That means if you see the same products online they will beat the price for 5%. Isn't that great? Well, order yours now and beautify your home with all the decorative stuff.

Monday, March 3, 2008

plastic surgery

Besides my main story I would lough to share some known story in a uknown fashion.I am now visiting a site with cosmetic surgery topics.I found some latest story from their patients and thinks to blog about it.IT IS A plastic surgery blog

As you know in our latest Medical Technology can improve your each and every part of your body by cosmetic surgery.Few days ago it was so costly that all cant afford this surgery with ease.But I found our science made some historic changes in its tough site.The cost are dropping rapidly as more patients are coming.Cosmetic surgery is not only recover your original skin or any parts ,it can give you some extra ordinary looks.Todays most common surgery parts are Breast Enlargement,Breast Reduction and even Uplift.Also the Body reshaping,Facial surgery are hugely used.Go there for further news about cosmetic surgery.Heres the link cosmetic surgery blog

When I visit this site called MYA which is broadly what I have said in post header, I came to know some interesting story about cosmetic surgery.Peoples are so happy that they even wanted to back again.I read a story of "Rachel" who came there for her breast enlargement.I read Rachel wanted to enlargement of her breast at the age of 17.But this time she was dis-courage by her family.At the age of 24 she has made this decision,she is 5'9" tall and her breast size was too small comparing her body shape.She immediately go for MYA and re-size her breast.The surgery takes for only 45 minutes and she become fully healthly within a days.She has describe the doctors as God Gifted person for her.You can read some more story from there.
here is a link for plastic surgery news

Saturday, March 1, 2008

bruce germinsky

Me and my fiance discusses of having our own place one day once i move in with her in the US.But one thing that we should consider when thinking of a real estate is finding the right realtor.

One day while we were browsing the net, we found something interesting about a commercial real estate website,since we are so keen in this kind of field and to have an idea of how can we acquire a real estate property,we decided to take a look at this. It's called bruce- germinsky-realtor.com , he's a sales associate in the office of Barry Associates. He and his team's main concern is to satisfy each individual/customers.

He not only specializes in the sale of high-end residential, commercial and retail properties in Monmouth County, New Jersey, but also sells commercial and investment properties at Monmouth Countywide. And for builders and developers, he offer real estate and marketing consultations for all types of development project.

Another thing with bruce-germinsky-realtor.com is that they dont just sell the residential and commercial real estate in Monmouth County,but they also help them find the ones that suit their taste , such as even a shopping centers and make sure that they have decided for the best purchase likewise when selling your properties. You can also find at their websites ten tips for selecting a Oceanfront luxury condos.

For Commercial, retail and high-end residential real estate in Monmouth County just contact Bruce Germinsky, Realtor and Barry Associates.Your friendly realtor in Monmouth County.