Saturday, February 23, 2008


NO.., before you even think that, i'll tell you its not true. the word "super" is not mutually exclusive to Rajnikanth films, and it did not originate from the many famous dialogues, one of which is quoted below.

( flooring the villian after a lightning, "feet without touching the ground" fight) owwiseet?
his long suffering sidekick- sooper(or souper)

why are actors and actresses called stars? maybe because, in the times when they used to wear striped bellbottoms, pointy collared silkshirts and puff sleeved blouses -all in shiny red, bright yellow and bubbly pink that literally blinded the awestruck fans, who were so impressed by the brilliace emanating from theirluminously clad idols, that they started calling them stars.

i think the word "super" has an unmistakebly indian quality anout it. we indians love to pepper our conversations with laudatory exaggerations, and super is the loudest of all laudatory exaggerations. it can be used as a noun, adverb,adjective, verb, anything. only in india can we see superfast express trains,supergood films, superosuper(its a tamil word), supersubburayan(a stunt man) and ofcourse, superstars.(if anyone brings up superman and superdog, i'll get superpissed).

but coming back to the title of the article, i dont know, really. but if anybodyelse knows the origin of the word superstar, please comment here.

split hair over this- what is the exact definition of stargazer?
if the sun is a star, is the sun tv a star tv?
is the shooting star a gunweilding filmstar?
is amitabh bacchan the northstar?
mgr was the peepal's star.
rajnikanth is thaleeva star.
outdated joke- the only star clinton never gazes at- kenneth starr.

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