Thursday, February 28, 2008

crush or flush????

Are you the kind of person, who likes to make new friends.Are you on a look out for a better social networking site ??? Then i feel , i just have the solution for you .There are the traditional ways, such as or american singles (if you can think of online dating as "traditional!") Then there is virtual dating, where you assume a character and meet people in an online chat room.

I wish this type of technology had been available when I was younger. It would be fun to describe yourself with funky, wild words, more outrageous the better to attact my soul mate. At my age, if I were to use funk language to describe myself, I think it would be a definite turn off. But it would still be fun to use this technology to meet people who are attractive to me.but it is never too late , atleast tha whati think!!!

Women, men, and teenagers who do not have loveones are waiting for such a service. How about those who does have lovers? Well take this as h=jus another opportunity tomeet new people.Well the what are you waiting for ... hurry make hay while the sun shines!!!! lol!!!

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