Friday, February 8, 2008

crafting the perfect pitch

Braving the inclement weather in the morning (I do not do this even for the most important of my college lectures, preferring to amble into the lecture hall only after noon), I managed to reach Elphinstone College well on time. The trains were empty on account of the weekend, and minus the effort that one needs to exercise in the daunting crowds of Bombay locals, the faces of commuters looked sadly careworn and unoccupied.

Held in Elphinstone’s Seminar Hall 1, Kavitha Rao’s workshop was quite a success - in addition to the twenty people already registered for the event, there were others who dropped by and had to be accommodated. (It would have been better however if all of them had showed up on time and not trickled in one by one throughout the duration of the workshop.)

A quick note on Kavitha Rao: I came across her website while researching for an article on the internet. She has a most impressive profile as a freelance journalist, as is evident from her website. She has lived and worked in London, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Tokyo, and reported from Cairo, Be

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