Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I believed I was full
For so many years.
This “fullness” was accompanied by others
Independence and self sufficiency
I survived all along – starving.
You poured and filled the rest
Into a space filled with vacuum
Which I never knew existed.
I looked back and noticed the drains
Which you carefully plugged.
As you never tagged any,
I contend shamefully
I never had a reason to say
I never noticed.
I take a long silent pride in admitting in whispers
Which I believe will reach only your ears
That I always subconsciously
Leaned on your strong shoulders.
Now sitting in a corner
Of this lonely strange planet
With a few inert objects as companions
I think aloud to myself
Because perfect communication
Is a visible obstacle here.
You graduate to become my best half.
I pray you hear this too
My dear.


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