Tuesday, February 19, 2008


"We are starting a party because the king has ordered us."TSHERING TOBGAY, a former civil servant in Bhutan.

Funny? No. I met a few people from Bhutan and to say the least they are happy. Not ecstatic. Just happy. They need less. They are happy with what they have. They are less ambitious. They trust their rulers. Happy.

People like me (and most of you), living in one of the fastest growing economies, where ambition and drive and initiative and having an unlimited set of desires coupled with the 'right attitude', will never want less and will never be satisfied with anything. We live by a baldies word who said, "Only paranoid survive".

So we love to live unfulfilled, just gives us another avenue to crib. Happy? Never.

May be we should have a sabbatical in Bhutan.

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