Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Micro sites

When I was just fifteen years old I went to California with my brother, two cousins, and a family friend to visit my uncle. It was quite the experience for a young teenager. But now I want to go back. I am getting old and I would love to look into a mommy make over. Mine are rather small and a bit saggy from age and having children. Just imagine how much better I would feel about myself then! I could wear low cut tops again. From what I understand about it there isn’t too much pain afterwards. The recovery period is only a few days to a week. I could take a week’s vacation and no one would really know!

Or maybe I could get a southern california tummy tuck (known as abdominoplasty) that seems to be all the rage these days. I can’t decide between that or southern california liposuction. I think I’d rather have the tummy tuck. I’m not terribly overweight. The recovery time for this is ten to fourteen days. A bit longer than the breast augmentation.

Now, here is something great! They can combine the two for a Mommy Makeover! I would LOVE that. I would love to get my body close to looking like it did before I had children. It has been nearly thirteen years since I had my last child and I am not regaining anything at this point.

I remember visiting Beverly hill cosmetic surgeonwhile we were there. I saw so many beautiful people while we walked around. I used to think it was superficial, but now I understand it. Back then I was petite and in shape. Now, not so much. You don’t really do it for other people; you do it to make yourself feel better about you.

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