Wednesday, February 27, 2008

camel back dispaly

Each year, outdoor trade shows become more and more common. Why be cooped up in a crowded exhibit hall when you could be enjoying a warm, sunny day? Outdoor trade shows are usually set in beautiful locations with stable and predictable climates, which allows exhibitors to prepare for the weather in advance. More and more trade shows are moving outdoors, and these trade shows are statistically more profitable for exhibitors and attendees than indoor trade shows.

Exhibiting at outdoor trade shows can create interesting challenges. Wind, sunlight, rain, and even humidity can cause problems for traditional trade show displays, but the outdoor trade show displays we sell at MODdisplays are guaranteed to hold up in all types of inclement weather. Our outdoor banner stands are printed on durable fabric that will not fade in the harsh sunlight. Even in rainy, windy conditions, our outdoor banner stands will remain firmly planted in the ground if properly installed.

Most exhibitors at outdoor trade shows use trade show trade show displays. These tent displays allow you to clearly define your exhibiting space, and the fact that we offer truss allows you to further enhance your marketing campaign by highlighting your company brand. Walls can be added on the sides of the tent, which allows your exhibiting space to be as private or as public as you need it to be.

Across the board, one of the big trends in the trade show industry is banner stands. Understanding how these environments work can allow your company to use them to your advantage. Outdoor trade shows are catching on because they are simply more fun than indoor trade shows. Exhibitors feel more relaxed and comfortable, which helps to create a business-friendly environment. Aside from the travel expenses that you’re likely to incur moving your booth staffers and exhibit material to a sunny, warm location, there really is no downside to outdoor trade shows.

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