Monday, December 17, 2007

poem corner!!!!!


Toss of a coin, head or tail....
have you ever wondered wat if its a HE-IL????
Like the lines o a coin ,
between a head and a tail
Souls like mine
pass , yet we fail.....

When prayers go unanswered,
wishes go un fulfilled,
im an empty chest
with a mountain tilled!!!!

i dare to defy , oppose the odd,
fear in me , keeps a sheathd sword.
so near yet so far .....
a classical case of fox gettin grapes,n grapes turning sour !!!!!

when would i run that extra mile ???
when wold i swim that extra naut???
only time shall answer ,
for it ties all knots!!!

but remember .....
its twilight , the makes a sun a pleasant sight ,
neither the morning , nor the night !!!!!

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