Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I "CAR"e!!!!

Today was my 10th class in car driving. And there is 0 improvement from day 1.
There is this particular trainer, who claims to be an MBA graduate, has a very very tough time to teach me and my friend. You must see the passengers in the car when we drive.. They are Kodak moments and the expressions on their face are just priceless. :D
I ll never miss to see their expressions from the rear view mirror.. (Guess this is the reason for all the chaos).

There is another trainer, who just hates if we talk when we sit at the back seat. My friend and I love to pass comments in sotto voce about how the others drive :P Now come on.. How long can we sit mum when another amateur driver drives...?? phew.. Those are breathtaking moments :-P and I wonder how those trainers don get a heart attack.. :P
When I was driving, this trainer suddenly shook his index finger. I was already confused about gear changing, clutch, brake, accelerator.. and was dead scared at this particular trainer. I was wondering if I had missed to learn any particular signal.. then he said in his reedy voice "go straight".. hee hee.. does moving your index finger once to left and once to right means “go straight”? Strange signal!

Day before yesterday, when I was driving in the tortuous old and narrow streets, I was about to bump the ramshackle old car on a huge tree (just like our very own kollywood heroines :-D ) I must surely appreciate the presence of mind and the promptness of the (MBA) trainer. He applied the brake :-D.We take the same route every day, so all the joggers and walkers are very familiar to us and vice versa. The moment they see us, they ll either stop until we pass by or start walking on the pavement. They ll react as if we are some big dhaadhas!! :-D
Andha bayam irukattum !!! :-D

The trainer, who claims to be an MBA graduate, doesn’t know English.. and there is this batch mate of mine who knows only English. She was driving in the 4 th gear and there was a big truck going in front of us. As the trainer doesn’t have control over the accelerator, he said “Accelerator udunga ma”. The poor gal, thought he was asking her to press the accelerator and pressed it further.. the car went
the poor trainer was very frantic and didn’t know what to do
Then I rescued her and all of us ;-) by saying that “ ‘accelerator udunga ma’ means, release the accelerator” hee hee.. then she understood and released the accelerator!!

The 'index finger' trainer has already had enough with us, so he forced the 'MBA' trainer to teach us today :-P A software professional is also learning in the same institute. Unfortunately, he came with us.. he got soooo scared at the way my friend was driving, that he pleaded her to stop the car (he said that it was getting late for him and he had to go to office :-D )

We are having a whale of a time..So.. Dudes and dudettes.. join us to experience the same!! :-P

hmmm... Who wants to go for a ride in my car??! :-)

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