Tuesday, October 23, 2007

blood pressure -causes and remedies

Blood presure , has off late been a major obstacle in the men's life , and strees seem to be the primal factor that precipates it . Although stress is universal, individual responses to stress are different. The following kind of people are more prone to develop hypertension than an easygoing person:

* If you are a type A personality, work-oriented and operating under enormous pressure.
* If you are aggressive, short tempered and with a capacity to work more than others.
* If you are least interested in fun-loving activities and consider it a waste of time.
* If you are not only a hard worker but also drive people around to deliver the most.
* If you enjoy being under pressure.

If a stress-sensitive person is exposed to stressful conditions over a prolonged period of time, their blood vessels get constricted. This constriction causes the blood pressure to rise.

There are a number of foods that help keep your blood pressure in check. Eat more fruits and vegetables, they have a magical effect on high blood pressure. Studies show that switching to a vegetarian diet helps. There is obviously something in plant food that helps depress blood pressure. Fruits are concentrated with potassium, Vitamin C, sodium and loads of soluble fibre, all of which are blood pressure lowering agents. Make sure you eat generous amounts of Vitamin C found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C supplements may help but only to a certain extent. There are other factors in natural foods, which play a major role.

Consume garlic, it dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. It contains adenosine, a compound, which promotes vasodilatation and is also a muscle relaxant. Both raw and cooked garlic benefit blood pressure. But raw garlic is more potent and hence proves to be more beneficial. Just three months of consuming two cloves of chopped raw garlic, first thing in the morning, has known to reduce hypertension.

Wheatgrass juice proves to be the elixir for those suffering from hypertension, as it is a rich source of magnesium and potassium. These minerals lower blood pressure and a deficiency can actually raise it. Once you start getting enough of these minerals, you can actually cut down on the dosage of your medicine. In addition, Wheatgrass juice will cleanse your body, and work wonders on your immune system.

Celery is widely used in Chinese medicine to lower blood pressure. Studies have shown that just a few stalks of celery can lower blood pressure when used continuously for a couple of months. Fish oils are also known to keep a lid on blood pressure. If you are taking blood pressure lowering medication, then consume fish like mackerel (bangda), Tuna and Surmai at least thrice a week.

Try to eat less salt, but you don’t have to embark on a no-salt diet. Adding minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium, and losing weight will make a substantial difference. Avoid sugar as it raises the insulin levels, and high blood levels of insulin often accompany high blood pressure. Less sugar ntake , aids weight loss and better control over blood pressure. people should also abstain themselves from smoking and alcohol consumption.

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